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12. nemzetközi konferencia a jövő homlokzatburkolatairól Bernben

12. nemzetközi konferencia a jövő homlokzatburkolatairól Bernben
12th International Conference on Building Envelopes of the Future, 02-03 October 2017, Bern, Switzerland

In a total of 38 sessions, over 220 speakers from 40 nations are giving presentations. The topics of this year’s conference include new design methods for sustainable building envelopes; responsive and adaptive building skins; kinetic architecture; smart glazing for advanced daylight control; new materials; additive manufacturing/3D print of the building envelope; Building Information Modeling; building integrated photovoltaics, and building refurbishment. For the detailed conference program, please visit our website at

The building skin plays a key role in terms of improving the energy efficiency of a building.  By fostering lively exchange between architects, engineers, energy advisors, scientists and the building industry, the conference will shed light on the significance of the building skin, with a view to putting scientific know-how into practice.  Dialogue between these groups should encourage technology transfer and inter-disciplinary action within the construction industry. The talks are predominantly in English, with two sessions being held in German.

The registration fee is 680 Euro and includes the conference documentation as well as meals during both days.

Early birds’ who register by 30 June will receive a discount of 20% (540 Euro).

For information on the conference venue, social program and registration, please visit our website


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