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Modernization of the Year 2017 - European Award

What is modernization?
Modernization means: upgrading, renovation, reconstruction, expansion, conversion, restoration works, revitalization, repair, changes in landscapes and space.

Why is modernization so important for Europe?
• Modernization equals to rescuing architectural material European heritage, preserving original building values, protection of contemporary cultural property, functionality of the modernized and converted buildings, protection of built-up and revitalized areas, modernity of project solutions, high quality of performance of works, use of new high quality construction materials.
• Its is building up social identity and awareness, creating indissoluble connection with a region, combining achievements of past generations with a modern look at reality.
• It means changing human mentality, implementation of new technologies, while keeping memories about people who created the space around us before.

What is the “European Award” Contest?
This is the contest which draws new trends in construction as well as promotes the best modernizations in Europe. In the Contest we award investors, contractors and designers for a particular
completion as common work of all the three subjects. It single the “European Award” contest out compared to other events addresses only to one target group, i.e. architects. The aim of the
Contest is to select and award construction undertakings: modernization and construction of new objects in urban space completed in a particular year, characterized by specific virtues: Functional, urban, aesthetic and practical.

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