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Archiwalks in Budapest - A házigazdád, János

A házigazdád, János

I'm János, a local architect from Budapest. I am the curator and program manager of several different projects at the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK), such as Budapest100 and Walking Tours. I regularly do guided tours for locals and tourists alike. I have always been passionate about Budapest, and find it very important to have a better understanding of our built environment

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We'll take a walk in the center of Budapest and talk about the city's architecture, urban context, and of course a bit of history as well. You'll get a more detailed understanding of just how fantastic this city is. Budapest is made of successes and failures, a mixture of different styles overlaid over one another, always in a constant state of change, and that is what makes it so uniquely interesting!
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Naturally it's a good idea to come in comfortable shoes, and an umbrella if the weather is rainy. Bring your camera or sketch book as well!
A hole in the ground turned into a concert space! A "could-have-been" skyscraper in Chicago-style! We'll check out different public spaces, and how they serve the local community as well as the touristic image of the city. We'll also see Szervita Square, where the eclectic architectural mix of Budapest has all the essentials, from baroque to modernist. Walking by the Danube we'll take a look at the world heritage Buda side as well.

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